Tatting and Bobbin lace books

Here you will find books. Books give a number of pages. From most books there is just one book, if there are more this it is stated on the site.

  • Barbara Foster - Embellishing with Edgings
    Barbara Foster - Embellishing with Edgings

    Handy Hands: 28 pages. A collection of 15 tatted edgings for the beginner to intermediate tatter. Use them to add pretty embellishment to doilies, placemats, etc or to trim articles of clothing.. Written for both shuttle tatters,…

    € 20,55
  • Barbara Foster - Vintage Tatting & Crochet
    Barbara Foster - Vintage Tatting & Crochet

    Handy Hands: Approx. 160 patterns; 32 pages. A reprint of Old and New Designs in Tatting and Crochet Braids Book # 4 By Sophia LaCroix. and Book of Crochet Edgings and Insertions Book # 17 By Lady Duff-Gordon, who was a Titanic…

    € 15,40
  • Betty Anderson a.o. - Shuttle Tatting without a Teacher
    Betty Anderson a.o. - Shuttle Tatting without a Teacher

    SnowgooseLace: 24 pages. Betty wrote, "I have attempted to cover all the difficulties that might arise when one is trying to learn shuttle tatting without a teacher." This book includes step-by-step instructions with clear…

    € 14,95
  • Billie Heisler - Tatted-Quilt-Squares
    Billie Heisler - Tatted-Quilt-Squares

    Handy Hands: 16 pages. Patterns to make your very own tatted mini quilts: Trip Around the World. Quick & Easy Star. Spinning Spools. Amish Square in Square. 4-Patch (very easy!)

    € 12,90
  • Elgiva Nicholls - Tatting: Technique and History
    Elgiva Nicholls - Tatting: Technique and History

    Dover : 48 pages. Superb illustrated guide to the art of making handmade lace by looping and knotting a single cotton thread. Author describes the evolution of basic tatting elements and discusses how they can be regrouped in…

    € 22,80
  • Inga Madsen - 12 Tatted Fary-Tales
    Inga Madsen - 12 Tatted Fary-Tales

    Akacia: 62 pages. Inga Madsen's book is a fairy tale for tatters come true!! It is charming, heart-warming and exciting! What a marvelous inspiration for tatters of every age. And it is a good read for tatters and toddlers alike.…

    € 19,00
  • Iris Niebach - Tatted Doiles
    Iris Niebach - Tatted Doiles

    Akacia: 32 pages. For those who love handwork there is nothing more satisfying than making a beautiful doily, and these small doilies need only a little time. A finished doily can be sewn on to a silk or velvet cushion, framed and…

    € 10,25
  • Janet Baker - Learn to Tat with DVD
    Janet Baker - Learn to Tat with DVD

    American School of Needlework: 50 pages. Learn the beautiful art of tatting with the step-by-step instructions and interactive DVD presented in this book. Very clear pictures, and drwaings, a musthave.

    € 21,60
  • Janet Carroll - Elegant Tatting Patterns
    Janet Carroll - Elegant Tatting Patterns

    Dover Needlework Series: 32 pages. Experienced tatters seeking particularly delicate and beautiful projects will treasure this outstanding compilation of patterns. The 44 designs include the Ellipse, the Crowning Touch, and dainty…

    € 15,70
  • Jennifer Williams - Tatted Snowflakes
    Jennifer Williams - Tatted Snowflakes

    Search press: 48 pages.A popular subject. Perfect for beginners, they offer an infinite variety of designs that are fun to make, and can be used as Christmas tree decorations, coasters, or to embellish bigger projects. At the…

    € 15,10
  • Judith Connors - Tatting Adventures
    Judith Connors - Tatting Adventures

    Lacis Publications: This book contains a combination of traditional and contemporary designs with good illustrations and patterns. 80 pages.

    € 18,50
  • Julia E. Sanders - Tatting Patterns
    Julia E. Sanders - Tatting Patterns

    Dover: 48 pages. Over 110 patterns for projects from edging and trimming to handbags, baskets, pillowcases, aprons, and more. Includes complete directions, guide to materials, and 121 illustrations.

    € 15,40
  • Kaye B. Judt - Oh my stars!
    Kaye B. Judt - Oh my stars!

    34 pages of small tatting designs with photos, diagrams and instructions. Learn how to make decorative picots, tat with beads, with two colors, reverse work, block tatting, split chains, pearl tatting and so much more. Each…

    € 18,50
  • Kristine & Inge Nikolajsen - Tatted Handkerchiefs book
    Kristine & Inge Nikolajsen - Tatted Handkerchiefs book

    Wonderful 32 page book by Kirstine and Inge Lise Nikolajsen has very clear diagrams and photos with English instructions. These 12 designs, all with corners, can be mounted on thin, white fabric for traditional, decorative…

    € 16,45
  • Kristine & Inge Nikolajsen - Tatting - Just Knots
    Kristine & Inge Nikolajsen - Tatting - Just Knots

    Akacia: 55 pages. Tatting is just knots made on a thread and pulled together to chains and rings. The eay technique and the simple materials present an exiting, relaxing, needlework with unnumerable possible applications. This…

    € 25,70
  • Lindsay Rogers - Frivolité Collage - Tatting Collage
    Lindsay Rogers - Frivolité Collage - Tatting Collage

    CMG: This is the last book we have, sorry. This book is a little damaged. This is a book that illustrates simple ways to create attractive designs by combining small motifs. Infinitely adaptable, it is ideal for anyone familiar…

    € 20,55
  • Lindsay Rogers - Mastering Tatting
    Lindsay Rogers - Mastering Tatting

    GMC: 111 pages, inside the book the pages are in a ring binder. A form of handmade lace, tatting is a traditional skill with origins dating back centuries and spanning continents. Each stitch is composed of two half-hitch knots.…

    € 30,85
  • Lyn Morton - Tatting Jewellery
    Lyn Morton - Tatting Jewellery

    GMC: 111 pages. This book is in English. This is a new title on the intricate skill of tatting; one of the oldest forms of lace making still in use today. This practical and informative book showcases the use of this accessible…

    € 27,75
  • Lyn Morton - Tatting Patterns
    Lyn Morton - Tatting Patterns

    GMC: Each pattern includes easy-to-follow instructions and clear charts for guidance. All the patterns are very versatile and can be adapted to a multitude of uses, from jewellery to window hangers.

    € 20,55
  • Marilee Rockley - Tatted with beads Jewelry
    Marilee Rockley - Tatted with beads Jewelry

    Annie's Attick: Tatting with a shuttle is the earliest method of creating tatted lace. A tatting shuttle facilitates tatting by holding a length of wound thread and guiding it through loops to make the requisite knots. Marilee…

    € 20,55
  • Mary Carolyn Waldrep - The Tatter's Treasure Chest
    Mary Carolyn Waldrep - The Tatter's Treasure Chest

    Dover : 96 pages. Over 100 tatting designs from long out-of-print thread company leaflets, ranging from tiny coasters to a checkerboard luncheon set, plus elegant collars, tracery patterns for doilies and luncheon mats, and…

    € 20,55
  • Pam Palmer - Tatting
    Pam Palmer - Tatting

    Shire Labrary: 32 pages. Tatting is the craft of making lace with a shuttle. Its charm lies in the repetition of simple motifs. This title traces the development of tatting from the eighteenth-century pastime of knotting, through…

    € 15,40
  • Rebecca Jones - The complete book of tatting
    Rebecca Jones - The complete book of tatting

    Lacis Publications: 112 pages softcover book. Very thorough "How To" section, with more unusual techniques and patterns including working with two threads, two-shuttle tatting, pearl tatting, cluny tatting and tatting with beads,…

    € 33,50
  • Rita Weiss - Tatting Doiles and Edges
    Rita Weiss - Tatting Doiles and Edges

    Dover: 48 pages. Maak meer dan 30 onderzetters en meer dan 50 schattige randjes. Compleet met instructies en foto's. Voor beginners staat er een stap-voor-stap beschrijving in dit boek. Voor veteranen kan dit boek veel inspiratie…

    € 13,35
  • Rozella F. Linden - Keltisch Frivolité - Celtic Tatting
    Rozella F. Linden - Keltisch Frivolité - Celtic Tatting

    Twelve original designs by Rozella F. Linden for needle or shuttle tatters. Elegance abounds in the graceful loops and whorls of Celtic knots. Projects include snowflake, edgings, earrings, hearts, flowers, cross, collar,…

    € 17,00
  • Teiko Fujito -  The Tatted Artistry
    Teiko Fujito - The Tatted Artistry

    A collection of colorful designs by the foremost Japanese tatting artist, this 80-page book is filled with 101 motifs to tat for a variety of uses. Color photos and motif diagrams fill the book as well as clear working…

    € 29,75
  • Teiko Fujito - Tatted Fashion
    Teiko Fujito - Tatted Fashion

    Lacis Publications: 104 page book in which Teiko Fujito shares her love of tatting by offering a full range of fashionable projects for home, wearables and accessories, extending the basic forms of ring and chain into new…

    € 37,20
  • Teri Dusenbury - Tatting Hearts
    Teri Dusenbury - Tatting Hearts

    Dover : 32 pages. Tatting as we know it evolved from knotting techniques dating back thousands of years. The Pilgrims brought the craft to America and today this beautiful and delicate form of lacework is more popular than ever.…

    € 10,20
  • Tomoko Morinoto - New Tatting
    Tomoko Morinoto - New Tatting

    Interweave: New Tatting is a fantastic book for getting started. Offering incredible step-by-step photos and beautiful projects, explore modern color schemes and a fresh approach to tatting projects. It will appeal to people who…

    € 29,80
  • Vida Sunderman - Tatted Snowflakes
    Vida Sunderman - Tatted Snowflakes

    Dover : 32 pages. Hang them on Christmas tree branches or evergreen boughs during the holiday season. Use them to dress up holiday packages or a holiday table centerpiece. Or frame these exquisite works of art and give them to…

    € 12,95
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